For your family, a top-quality modular is a superior choice | American Homes

For your family, a top-quality modular is a superior choice

You have a piece of property and you're ready to build your dream home.

Where do you find the right floorplan of the best home for you? Can you find a contractor you can trust to build it? How long does it take for him to call you back and meet on your building site? How long will it take before he can get started? Will it rain or snow inside your house before the contractor finishes? Will there be inspections of his work all along the way? Are you willing to manage the build and make sure it all goes according to plan?

An alternative is to head to American Homes and check out the 19 homes on display (plus hundreds of other plans from which to choose). You can customize the home of your dreams to suit your lifestyle and budget, have it built indoors by skilled craftsmen, with inspections all along the way! American Homes can coordinate all your new-home project needs without a bunch of hassle.

Modular homes are built to the same building code as those followed by a contractor building a home on site. Top-quality building materials are used by highly qualified crew members who specialize in what he or she does. For example, the drywall expert only works on the drywall, the plumber only works on the plumbing, the flooring guys only work on installing the flooring, and so on. A controlled, indoor environment offers advantages not found on site. If you ever wonder how they'll hold up....imagine how structurally sound they must be if they can travel down the highway at 70 miles an hour!!!!