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Think modular when looking for a quality home

Modular homes are perfect for families and those looking for a quality home fast.

Our daughters were both under age 4 when my husband and I decided to move away from the high-traffic city limits and out into the country, where it was quieter and we believed a better fit for a young family.

We found property about 7 miles from Morgantown Mall, a dead-end road where everyone looked out for all the neighborhood children.

We wanted to get in a home quickly and with as little disruption for us and the girls as possible. A modular home seemed to be the way to go. We quickly learned it was.

A modular is constructed indoors, at a plant, rather than on site. This means the construction crew doesn't have to worry about weather conditions and can complete the home more quickly. The house is then delivered to the builder/partner who sold you the home and they deliver and set up the home on your crawlspace or basement foundation. They will even make the arrangements to have your foundation built for you and include it in your loan, if you don't want to deal with it. They can also do other parts of your project such as utilities, porches, decks, garages,etc.

But before the construction is started, the new homeowner will sit down with a new home consultant to make any customization to the plan and choose everything from the flooring to the kitchen sink. You can walk through several models and pick the floorplan that works best for your family. Then decide on all the particulars that will make this home truly yours.

The home will be built to your state,local and regional building code and will conform to the laws where the home will be set up.

When we were trying to decide the best option for us, we learned there are several advantages to going with a modular.

Besides having fun looking at a number of brand-new models all in one place, there are practical reasons to go modular.

Because the homes are built indoors, construction time is as much as 60% less than conventional site-built homes. Plus, you have the assurance that your new home won't be exposed to the elements while it is being built.

The quality of a modular is right up there with, and in many cases exceeds, traditional site-built homes and includes all the latest floorplans and designs. There are quality-control inspectors at every step of the way as the modular home is being built in the plant to insure a quality home.

There are fewer change orders and fewer delays, which can translate into no extra money out of your pocket or bank account.

The company where you buy your home can often help with obtaining financing for the entire project, offering expertise of new-home project budget planning, and can help minimize the time it takes to get to closing.

Based on price per square foot, a modular is sometimes less expensive than a comparable site-built home. And a well-built modular will last just as long, or longer, than its site-built counterpart.

There are so many different models it can be hard to choose which one will be your home. Sometimes I drive by a modular home company and just want to stop to see the new amenities and options available. There are sliding barn-doors to hide entertainment centers, breakfast bars, pet-spas, and of course, the open floorplan everyone is after these days.

There are ranch-style, Cape Cods and two story homes with 1 - 6 bedrooms.

A modular home is definitely worth looking into for anyone in the market for a new home.